This is a court of law, not a court of Justice.
You are not entitled to disagree until you understand
Fairness is what Justice really is.
Allegations doesn’t matter but Retribution does.
Lawyers are the emissaries of Law and catalyst to Justice.
About us

About us

AB ASSOCIATES is a full service law firm, based in India, offering cutting-edge blend of capabilities to corporations, individuals and international entities across the globe. We are distinguished not only by the depth and scope of our legal advisory services, but also by unmatched experience and international exposure that enables us to handle deals and cases of any size and complexity. Over the years, we have built a reputation for high-quality work, a positive outlook, and the highest standards of service and ethics. The Firm continues to expand and now, we have notably become the counsel of choice. Since its inception, AB ASSOCIATES...



The practice of law involves giving legal advice to clients, drafting legal documents for clients, and representing clients in legal negotiations and court proceedings such as lawsuits, and is applied to the professional services of a lawyer or attorney at law, barrister, solicitor, or civil law notary. However, there is a substantial amount of overlap between the practice of law and various other professions where clients are represented by agents. These professions include real estate, banking, accounting, and insurance. Moreover, a growing number of legal document assistants (LDAs) are offering services which have traditionally been offered only by lawyers and their employee paralegals.


We fight for you

AB Associates core principles motivate each one of our lawyers to staunchly defend our Clients values and interests on any adverse grounds. We have always accommodated the sense of justice in our profession for our Clients and the Judicial system. Our concerted approach with a profuse experienced background stands beside you till the End. Fighting is never about the domination but liberation of connected people.

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Simple Process

AB Associates practices one of the most facile yet comprehensive process of handling the Clients right from the commencement to the dismissal of the case. We assure lucid transparency in the entire process. This hierarchy is well defined and tested citing to the feedback of the Clients. We take the liberty to consul the clients at the first without any hitch, profuse talks led us to understand the significance of the case and the required pace to handle the case with rigorous research. The process are as follows: -

We intercede on our Client’s behalf to create a impregnable shield.
Our discussion is overwhelmed with the fleet of experienced lawyers
Ample research complements our case Stature with the recent updates.
Consulting paves the first outlook at the Client’s case and understanding the issue.

Our Lawyer

AB Associates journey was started with Mr.Arun Bansal and in the due course It has become the celebrated firm for the avid lawyers who want to make a difference in the society. We have a stunning arena of law enthusiasts making our family more intellect and strong to handle any kind of cases. Our lawyers have distinguished careers and are known for their acumen and staunch delivery. We have a collaboration of some elite lawyers from other places as well, meticulously examined. The partnership levitates our clients scope to enjoy the convenience in the partnered places without any hassle.

Arun Bansal

Arun Bansal is an Indian lawyer, registered with Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana High Court. He is the founder & Managing Partner of AB ASSOCI...
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Jatinder Singh Mundi

Mr. Jatinder is a law graduate from Punjabi University of Patiala. He was enrolled as a member of the Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana High Court 2...
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Ravinder Singh Marahar

Ravinder is a law graduate from Punjabi University of Patiala. He was enrolled as a member of the Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana High Court 2013,...
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12 Apr

  In the Indian Penal Code marital rape is not defined. Also, it is perceive as the rape by the Indians due to the character of marriage in the Indian culture. It will be an prerequisite issue and it make an impression most of the legal factors....

11 Apr

    India has a good capacity in the number of children. The Indian Constitution guarantees Fundamental Rights to all children in India and authorises the State to make special provisions for children. In the current situation, this is a mo...

11 Apr

  The Centre is all set to bring in changes to the Income Tax Rules, 1962 by accompanied a transgender range to the Permanent Account Number (PAN) application form.   The Ministry of Finance on April 9 released a Gazette notification announ...

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